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We are an area leader in providing comprehensive real estate and asset liquidation in Central Indiana. We are headquartered in historical Lafayette, Indiana.

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Items We Look For

Old toys 

Old vending machines 

Oil bottles / vintage soda bottles 

Pinball machines 

Old movie posters 

Musical instruments 

Advertising items 

Early mouse traps 

Vintage Boy Scout memorabilia 





LP records

Old jugs, crocks, pottery 


Cap guns / BB guns 

Old signs 

Early lamps 

Early postcards

Old military items 

Early holiday decorations (Halloween / Christmas)

Jewelry / Pocket Watches

About Us

Prices achieved in online auctions have always exceeded what any person or collector can offer for a collection. We have repeatedily achieved more than would have been offered for a complete collection of assets. Our smaller operation allows us to focus on our consignors and their assets unlike anyone else, giving them quicker results and auction dates. Fin's Auction Services specialize’s in the professional online auctioneering of antiques and collectibles.


What Clients Have Said About Us!

With the passing of our 92 year old mother, our family was faced with the difficult task of selling all of the household goods, antiques, collectibles, appliances and tools, accumulated by our parents over a 65 year period. After meeting with three local auctioneers, we were immediately drawn to Mark for several reasons, first off his willingness to contribute hours of sorting through, cataloging and strategic placement of the mountains of goods mom had accumulated, secondly he sought assistance for some specific items to check and verify the values where he may have had some doubt, and lastly Mark provided timely and valuable advice to our family regarding maximizing our income from the sale of the goods. These extraordinary efforts by Mr. Finley resulted in a very efficiently run auction, which generated much higher bottom line results than what we had all expected. As a result of these efforts, I highly recommend Mark and his staff for your upcoming auction as they will consistently perform to the highest standards in efficiency and trustworthiness.

- Amanda Smith

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