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We guarantee hard work, efficiency, quality, and the complete confidence in our ability to do the best job for you!


We are with you from start to finish. We offer a comprehensive service package.

YOU the Consignor

Have a garage/attic/basement or collection of items you'd like sold and turned into cash.


Auction is completed, items are picked up by the buyers or the items are shipped to the buyers by Fin's Auction Services at the cost to the buyers.

Contact Fin's

Contact Fin's Auction Services to set up appointment for a soft appraisal. Send any photos of the items to us via the website or email.

Get Paid!

GET PAID!! Fin's Auctions will provide a statement showing all sales results along with the proceeds check within 14 days of the ending of the auction. 

Meeting with Fin's

Fin's Auctions arrives for walk through and agree to consignment. Arrange for pick up of items that day or in the days ahead. Fin''s catalogs all items, photographs all items, instill marketing plan for the items and a auction sale date. 

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Our Services

  • Payment to seller or estate within 21 days of the close of the auction

  • Charitable Auctions

  • Real Estate Auctions

  • Live Internet Bidding 

  • Professional auction advertising and advertising campaigns

  • Bankruptcies / Antiques / Appraisals

  • Large Email list of Buyers for Real Estate, Equipment, Antiques & Collectibles. 

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Why Consign and Sell at Fin's Auction Services?

  • Your property will bring current market value.

  • The most successful method of selling known to man- World Records are constantly being set by the Auction Method.

  • We know what day and time your property will sell, thereby avoiding costly delays and mortgaged interest. 

  • Professional advertising and programs to be successful on day of sale.

  • Competitive bidding to insure property will bring the highest value.

  • The Auction method is rapidly becoming the #1 method of selling both real estate and personal property

  • It's the Fastest way to convert any property to immediate cash. 

  • The Auction will bring people motivated to buy.

  • It generally eliminated prospects who are not interested in purchasing. 

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